Special thanks to Stephan Academy!

Special thanks to Stephan Academy!

A team of highly professional hairdressers will take care of our fashion model’s stylish vision during Balkan Fashion Week 2018. Stephan Academy is the leading hairdressing brand in Bulgaria. Its rich, 35-year history dates back to 1975 when the first salon was opened in Toulouse, France. Today there are salons and academy centres spread over several continents with hundreds of dedicated professionals working there.

The first Stephan Academy salon in Bulgaria opened in 2007 and Vasil Mihaiov is its current artistic director for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

We chose Stephan Academy for a pleiad of reasons, but above all because:

– The professional hairdressers are trained to use a special technique devised by one of the gurus in the realm of hairstyle – Stephan Siones. It is based on explicit, professional logic, individualistic approach and precision.
– The quality of the work of the hairdressers is equal to the highest world standards of the profession
– Stephan Academy never makes compromises and works only with best quality products
– Luxurious are not only the products used by the hairdressers, but their attitude as well
– Looking at Stephan Academy professionals’ work, you become witness of creativity, artistic spirit and pure beauty – all in one, resulting in the best hair style one can dream of.

Thank you, Stephan Academy!