Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) introduces 4 rising talents at Balkan Fashion Week 2018

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) introduces 4 rising talents at Balkan Fashion Week 2018

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) will introduce 4 rising talents and their collections for the third edition of Balkan Fashion Week. Aleksandra Kachulkova, Augusto Berretta, Carlo Cimmino and Rebecca Paganini will show their works on 27 June shortly after 18:30 at Centralna Banya Garden.

IED is an international network of education with a 100% Italian DNA. IED has been operating in the fields of training and research, in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication and Management of the creative industries for over 50 years. IED’s mission is to offer young talents a thorough training – both theoretical and practical – and hand them the ‘Design Knowledge and Mindset’ that will be the key success factor in their careers.

IED is proud to be invited at Balkan Fashion Week which illustrates a contemporary side of the country, breaking with the past and setting itself apart.

Aleksandra Kachulkova

She was born on 1995 in Burgas, Bulgaria. At 19 she moved to live and study in Milan, Italy where she got the BA in Fashion Design in IED – 2017. During her academic education I was given a crucial knowledge about projecting, practise and marketing skills related to realizing a collection.  A selection of the photos from the photo session of the thesis at IED were posted in the official site of VOGUE Italia and two of them were selected as the best photos of the week for Vogue Italia. Also, in October 2017 Amica Bulgaria devoted a whole page to her thesis. A couple of months after IED graduation she got her second internship in Tom Ford – she was a trainee in the department for Womanswear textile. From June 2018 she has been appointed as an assistant of Textile Designer – Tom Ford Womenswear.

Between Noise and Silence:
The collection “Between Noise and Silence” is deeply connected to her personal story – which truly inspired her. Her family run a tea factory, so che had the chance to live in a privileged environment as she could follow thoroughly the tea production.  The collection expresses her vision of the whole production process, coming from her memories of a lovely world. The clothes were mainly realized in white color as it represents to her the clearness of tea laboratories and silence. Streaks in the clothes recall the gesture of a teabag plunging in hot water and the powder that holes release during the collection process. She also realized some masks recalling the ones she wore when she was a child – to emulate people working in her family’s company. Starting from this memory she made them with braided roses recalling factory’s smell.

Augusto Berretta

Augusto is a 23-year-old boy born in a village north of Rome. He has always shown a strong passion for fashion and art, especially for Klimt and Caravaggio. He loves to draw, in fact he graduated from the Isa Midossi Institute of Art in Civita Castellana. He has an unmistakable dark style that he never abandons. An esthete at heart who is always looking for details to find perfection.

Tituba, a new and modern vision of the witches in Salem.
Salem Village was the scene of the greatest massacre of witches of all time. Suspects, accusations, persecution, execution, these were the consequences that unjustly suffered thousands of women just for the manifestation of their being.
A dark-modern representation of the greatest witch trial, characterized by gothic elements and streetwear inserted in a luxury sportswear frame, recalling a mysterious and elegant but still sporty atmosphere. The key elements of the collection are the graphics and embroideries, depicting alchemical symbols and Gothic calligraphy. A manifestation of a new, free woman, redeemed from every kind of social abuse in a new, urban context.

Carlo Cimmino

As a child, he has been showing a special interest in those shining, fabulous dresses of the princesses: he already unconsciously knew that his biggest wish was and would be to create haute-couture clothing, precious as Anastasia’s, Cinderella’s and many others.
At a later time he moved to Milan where he could really begin to follow his dream and where he recently graduated from IED.
What mainly features him is a deep love and attention to what’s handmade, an interest he developed thanks to his mother, my grandmother and my neighbour who with their own precious hands create thorough embroideries. Finally, he’s totally interested in everything making a haute-couture clothing piece something precious and unique.

The clothes showed are taken from a whole collection which explores the entire path of this woman judged until a few time ago as a real monster through an evolution of fabrics, textures, embroideries, applications and colours with influences coming from different ethnicities like Italy with her hidden story of occultism, Greece, Russia and Japan.
They show the first ethereal, almost angelic version of Lilith – thanks to the use of cream-shaded chiffon obtained by tea dyeing – who’s always more swallowed by darkness: the branches which were totally created with black wires on the dress clearly show how the nature which initially welcomed her, then swallowed her.
From here on, clothes start changing textures, going from velvet to silk and neoprene getting to wool jacquard to the end, at the end, seeing her re-born in darkness. It’s a return to the initial form that by the way now shows the signs of the pain suffered. Here gets back the chiffon which this time is black and creased with applications of ravens with acetated feathers applied one by one, handmade, sign of a compromised female nature who anyway succeeded to emerge from shadow.

Rebecca Paganini

She was born in Parma in 1995, and grew up in Rimini, an ancient little town near the sea and full of history.
She deepened her interest in art since her childhood by participating in cultural events for the city such as guided tours to discover new Roman ruins or trips inside the medieval churches. She has always felt within her the need to express her creativity and then she realized that it would be through fashion. In the development of a collection she is interested in analyzing the deformation that modifies the bodies making them sublime. She is interested in the disturbance this process arouses and that this can be evolved through the use of pop art codes.

As a theme for her collection she chose the fear of getting pregnant and the deformation involving a woman’s body during that process.
The scientific name for this phobia is Tokophobia; the intention is to raise awareness of this fear and to define it with cheerful colors so as to overcome that fear.

And we have more!

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in collaboration with Balkan Fashion Week will offer a special merit-based scholarship for attending a Summer Course in Italy in 2019 to one of the Bulgarian students who will showcase their graduate collections at the Balkan Fashion Week in Sofia. The candidates will show their creativity and will have the chance of being awarded with a 100% scholarship for the Course of their choice.

The contest is open to all the BA and MA students from New Bulgarian University and National Academy of Arts from Sofia, who will showcase they graduate collections during Balkan Fashion Week from June 25th until June 27th.


Competition will award one 100% scholarship for a summer course in IED Italy in 2019. Travel fees, housing and all other costs shall be covered by the winners.


Evaluation will occur exclusively according to the unquestionable judgment of the panel of professors and collaborators of Istituto Europeo di Design presided by Andrea Pozzi, Area Manager of Europe, Riccardo Terzo, Stylist and Contributor Vogue Talents and Myra Postolache, Founder of The Secret Code of Fashion, Milan based marketing Agency for young designers.

On June 27th Istituto Europeo di Design will announce the winner, after IED – Istituto Europeo di Design show, during Balkan Fashion Week. The winner will be able  to attend a summer course in 2019.