From our partners: Learn more about the problem with underarm sweating and its solution!

From our partners: Learn more about the problem with underarm sweating and its solution!

This year’s main goal of Balkan Fashion Week is again to unite and motivate talented designers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, supporting their professional development. But first and foremost, the Balkan Fashion Week is a fashion event for anyone passionately in love with this art.

Have you ever thought, however, about when the clothes are really beautiful? Of course, when we can wear them in the most attractive way! This, unfortunately, cannot happen if there is something that bothers us. Such a discomfort is the excessive sweating, particularly in the area of ​​the underarms. For this reason, we have decided to bring this problem close to your attention and to introduce you with the innovative solution offered by our partners at Clínica Liberty Bulgaria.

How many times have you given up to wear an elegant dress with exquisite sleeves or a casual T-shirt because of the huge stains you know will “adorn” your underarms … Well, next time, do not do it! Shop freely, allow yourself to wear whatever you want, stay up to date with fashion trends without being bothered by this issue. Stop worrying because the MiraDry therapy is the permanent solution to the problem of excessive underarm sweating and odour. Completely safe and effective, this treatment reduces sweating to 80-90% only after two sessions (in most cases one is enough), providing immediate and lasting results without surgical intervention or compensatory sweating. It delivers precisely focused electromagnetic waves, designed in the armpit area to eliminate the sweat glands.

If you are worried about the word “eliminate,” because sweating is a mechanism through which the body is cooling itself, we will quickly reassure you. The human body contains two to four million sweat glands, with only 2% of them located in the armpit area. Therefore, removing 70-80% of these hyperactive sweat glands does not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

Beautiful clothes are more beautiful without sweating! Book your consultation with Dr. Yordanov, a specialist with more than 35 years of experience, and forget about your problem with hyperhidrosis! Feel free to express yourself even through clothes!

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