Come and see some of NBU’s most promising Design Graduates at Balkan Fashion Week 2018

Come and see some of NBU’s most promising Design Graduates at Balkan Fashion Week 2018

It is now a tradition – every year Balkan Fashion Week dedicates a special night to graduate students from New Bulgarian University’s Design Department.

The opening evening of Balkan Fashion Week will host NBU’s BA Fashion show 2018 Biophilia / We Wear Culture where talents from the ‘Fashion’ Bachelor’s program. We Wear Culture was the diploma theme for the bachelor graduates and we will presents five of these diploma collections, which outstand with impressive concepts, contemporary vision and mastery of implementation. We Wear Culture reveals different perspectives of the global world nowadays – simultaneously diminished by the information technologies and torn by fears an differences. The young designers are inspired by historical events and their long-lasting consequences, by the culture and aesthetics of different ethoses, by the metamorphosis of society. Through their work NBU students ask questions about the future of fashion, the industry’s responsibility and the opportunities for sustainable practices in fashion designing.

On 25 June come and see Kristina Kolodeeva’s ‘BARCODE’ collection, Monika Dimitrova’s ‘Re-Evolution’, Mira Nicolova’s ‘Thalassic’, Hristina Draganova’s ‘unAltered’ and Tsvetina Yotova’s ‘Polychromorphous’ collection from the ‘Fashion’ Bachelor’s program, as well as the graduate works of students from the ‘Fashion and Business Strategies’ Master’s program:

  • Yunver Kyose – Turn Off

  • Adrian Mihaylov & Anita Petrova – TITANIUM & THE GRAFIC REBEL

  • Martina Boneva & Hristina Chekova – They ARE

  • Gloria DImitrova & Katya Gencheva – PROVOCATIVE  Kind of Gorgeous: Le FREAK

And since this year young talents are the focus of Balkan Fashion Week, we will show you two more graduate fashion shows – with participants from the National Academy of Art – Sofia, on 26 June and from IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, on 27 June.

Photo Archive: NBU/Iosif Astrukov