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From our partners: Learn more about the problem with underarm sweating and its solution!

From our partners: Learn more about the problem with underarm sweating and its solution!

This year’s main goal of Balkan Fashion Week is again to unite and motivate talented designers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, supporting their professional development. But first and foremost, the Balkan Fashion Week is a fashion event for anyone passionately in love with this art.

Have you ever thought, however, about when the clothes are really beautiful? Of course, when we can wear them in the most attractive way! This, unfortunately, cannot happen if there is something that bothers us. Such a discomfort is the excessive sweating, particularly in the area of ​​the underarms. For this reason, we have decided to bring this problem close to your attention and to introduce you with the innovative solution offered by our partners at Clínica Liberty Bulgaria.

How many times have you given up to wear an elegant dress with exquisite sleeves or a casual T-shirt because of the huge stains you know will “adorn” your underarms … Well, next time, do not do it! Shop freely, allow yourself to wear whatever you want, stay up to date with fashion trends without being bothered by this issue. Stop worrying because the MiraDry therapy is the permanent solution to the problem of excessive underarm sweating and odour. Completely safe and effective, this treatment reduces sweating to 80-90% only after two sessions (in most cases one is enough), providing immediate and lasting results without surgical intervention or compensatory sweating. It delivers precisely focused electromagnetic waves, designed in the armpit area to eliminate the sweat glands.

If you are worried about the word “eliminate,” because sweating is a mechanism through which the body is cooling itself, we will quickly reassure you. The human body contains two to four million sweat glands, with only 2% of them located in the armpit area. Therefore, removing 70-80% of these hyperactive sweat glands does not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

Beautiful clothes are more beautiful without sweating! Book your consultation with Dr. Yordanov, a specialist with more than 35 years of experience, and forget about your problem with hyperhidrosis! Feel free to express yourself even through clothes!

Clínica Liberty Bulgaria
46 “Professor Kiril Popov” Str., floor 1, office 3
Tel. 0700 10 666

WORTH Partnership Project

WORTH Partnership Project


WORTH Partnership Project creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop innovative and disruptive design-driven products.


Partnerships must be formed by 2 or 3 partners with different profiles from at least 2 participating countries (EU-28 and COSME associated countries). You can apply if you have an idea and already have a potential partner to work with, or you have an idea but do not know a partner – then we can help you to find the right one.

Renowned experts from fashion and lifestyle industries are chosen to evaluate and support partnership projects.

WORTH is attending the Balkan Fashion Week 2018 #metropolitanedition in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 26-30 June and will be presented at a special workshop on June 28th.


If you are looking for funding, coaching, international product showcase and networking, come along to discuss what WORTH can do for you. We want to meet you, contact us at today and schedule a B2B meeting.

Weird Authentic People (Weird)

Weird Authentic People (Weird)

We build brands that attract die-hard followers!

Weird Authentic People (Weird)

Weird Authentic People (Weird) is a Fashion Branding Agency that helps you create the fashion brand of your dreams, starting from zero, and build every small brick step by step with you, until you stand on your feet and rise 🙂

Weird was founded by Joy Koumentakou, award-winning fashion designer featured in Vogue, Fashion Coach and Marketing Strategist, and Costantino Roselli, bestselling Author, Brand Building Expert and Personal Branding Coach.

Their expertise and experience on the Fashion industry was united with only one mission. To help emerging fashion designers and small fashion brands find their way to customers, avoiding the middle people and the old fashion technics.

When you start a brand on fashion you have only two things in your mind. The first is how to grow my business with a low budget and the second how to deliver my art, my message to people who want to hear it.

Weird have found the solution of the above worries and they are here to share it with you and work together to your success. They are here to build your fashion brand in a way that people die to buy from you!

Festival of Slavic Fashion “Red Fashion” / Fashion Rouge

Festival of Slavic Fashion “Red Fashion” / Fashion Rouge

In May 2018, (2.05 – 04.05) the Festival of Slavic Fashion “Red Fashion” (Fashion Rouge) will be held in Paris. The main idea of this festival is to organize and strengthen intercultural relations between Eastern and Western Europe.

The main objectives are to introduce to professionals and fashion addicted the new names of modern and best designers from Eastern Europe, as well as the exchange of knowledge, skills and cultural traditions. In the modern world of globalization, it is very important not only to preserve individual aesthetics, but also to promote it, to build new cultural and economic ties that help to develop international relations.

The main focus of the festival is fashion-as a reflection of the social, historical and cultural criteria of each of the participating countries, as well as an element of art, which are faced by everyone, every day, throughout life. This force of visual impact that obligates the organizers of the festival to select only the most worthy and professional participants.

The first festival of Slavic fashion in Paris was held from 17 to 19 October 2017 (called “Fil Rouge” – Red thread). It was organized in the art loft ( -a great place, which houses a showroom, exhibition space, podium and lecture halls. During the festival, fashion shows, expositions and stands with folk art of the participating countries, tasting stands introducing guests to the cuisine of Eastern Europe were organized for the public. For designers were held master-classes, conducted by professionals of Paris fashion, and to disclose to the participants the many secrets of the skill.



The past versions of MAD MOOD Milano has cemented the event as a dynamic and original showcase for up and coming fashion designers in the famous Italian capital of fashion and communication, a melting pot of culture and influence, Milan.

It is a format expressing a lifestyle which, departing from its roots in Italian tradition, arrives at the discovery and development of innovation.

FASHION and FOOD become efficient tools in communicating and promoting the identity of a country and in conveying the message of INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as long term goals for a better future.

This is the challenge for the third edition of Mad Mood Milano, which, through fashion and food, aims to raise awareness in the new generations for a more eco friendly lifestyle. The program will be packed with events to value tradition and tailoring – as heritage and future – increasingly focusing the attention on new young talent.

For more information:
Marianna Miceli, Founder Mad Mood: +39 329 7016145 |