Balkan Fashion Week launches new series – the Fashion Talk workshops

Balkan Fashion Week launches new series – the Fashion Talk workshops

Balkan Fashion Week 2018 will start with a dynamic workshop day, entitled Fashion Talk. It will take place on 28th June from 11:00 h to 17:00 h at Peroto Literary Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have invited five renowned figures from the fashion world who will give fascinating presentations on different topics.

Below you will find more information about some of our fashion guests and about their input at the Fashion Talk special event which will take place annually during the fashion week.

The “Branding” Talk with Constantino Roselli, Weird Authentic People

Costantino is a Greek-Italian personal growth coach, brand storyteller, growth hacking marketer, international speaker and bestselling author of the motivational book “The Million Dollar Chest”, translated in two languages. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Fashion Branding Agency Weird Authentic People, which aims to help emerging fashion designers and small fashion brands to grow. His goal is to help people switch their mind on how to do their business in fashion way and to provoke and challenge them to change the status quo.

Constantino’s talk “Branding” will explore:

  • How to build your fashion brand
  • What is needed for fashion brand building in the current economic atmosphere

The “Advertising/Lookbook/Catalog” Talk with Jolita Manolova, Manifesto Creativo

Jolita Manolova is the Art Director of Balkan Fashion Week (for second year in a row), tutor at the best fashion institute in the world, founder of (new wave creative company), former olympic gymnast turned into fashion stylist and creative mind… And a proud mom!

Jolita’s talk “Advertising/Lookbook/Catalog” will explore:

  • everything you need to know about fashion world and more. 👗👙👒

The “Preparation for Fashion Week” Talk with Joy Koumentakou, Weird Authentic People

Joy is a Co-Founder and Creative Director of Weird Authentic People. She is an awarded Fashion Designer honoured with the prize “Best Trendsetter” for two consecutive times at Athens Fashion Week, fashion coach, marketing strategist and a motivational speaker.

Her vision is to inspire people to find joy in their lives and to motivate them to make an impact in the world!

Joy’s talk “Preparation for Fashion Week” will explore:

  • What fashion designers need to prepare the best fashion show
  • What to expect from a Fashion Week

The “Showroom” Talk with Myra Postolache, The Secret Code of Fashion

Myra is International Public Relations Manager of Feeric Fashion Week and Fashion Contributor/Editor based in Milan. Her works were published on Vogue Italia, ELLE Italia, L’Officiel Malaysia, Schön Magazine, Trend Privé Magazine, The LA Fashion and more. She is also founder of The Secret Code Of Fashion, platform focused on new talents worldwide. Her mission is to support emerging designers and she dreams of developing a worldwide platform based on mentoring and coaching for new talents and place them worldwide in important showrooms until they become strong independent labels.

Myra’s talk “Showroom” will explore:

  • When should you start to prepare for a showroom?
  • What to prepare for a showroom?
  • How to get involved in the right showroom?
  • Which is the right market and the right showroom for my brand?
  • How to do a Sales Campaign and what do I need for a successful one?
  • Multi-label showroom or private showroom?

The “Fashion Film” Talk with Tuna Yilmaz, Fashion Film Fest Istanbul

Tuna is the founder and director of Fashion Film Fest Istanbul and the CEO of an agency focused on fashion films and TV commercials. He has been working in the fields of films, contemporary art, design and fashion for the last 14 years. He is the author of two books and has directed two films. Tuna’s diverse career lead him to the dream to produce a fashion film together with Tom Ford, directed by Nick Knight and starring Naomi Campbell!

Tuna’s talk “FASHION FILM” will explore:

  • The notion of fashion film making
  • Fashion film history
  • Significant examples of fashion filming
  • Fashion film festivals around the globe

Program of Fashion Talk Workshop

Balkan Fashion Week 2018

#MetropolitanEdition – 28 June 2018

Location: Peroto Literary Club, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

11:00 – Costantino Roselli (Weird Authentic People) – “Branding”

12:00 – Jolita Manolova (Manifesto Creativo) “Advertising/Lookbook/Catalog”

13:00 – Joy Kompetakou (Weird Authentic People) “Preparation for Fashion Week”

14:00 – Myra Postolache (The Secret Code of Fashion) – “Showroom”

15:00 – Tuna Yilmaz (Fashion Film Fest Istanbul) – “Fashion Film”

In partnership with: Peroto Literary Club & National Palace of Culture