Diane Pernet in collaboration with Balkan Fashion Week and Nu Boyana Film Studios presents the 9th edition of A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For the 9th edition, Diane Pernet, the founder and director of the festival A Shaded View on Fashion Film, has invited their prestigious guests to the Hollywood of the Balkans, Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The festival continues to explore short fashion films as well as new dimensions and interpretations in the fields of fashion and cinematography through conferences, documentaries and artistic performances. This edition will introduce the first Wearable Technology Fashion Film competition curated by Alex Murray – Leslie.


Head of Jury for ASVOFF9 Wearable Technology in Fashion Film

Steve Mann, PhD (MIT ‘97) and P.Eng. (widely regarded as “the father of wearable technology”, inventor
of wearable augmented reality, and co-inventor [with Minksy and Kurzweil] of the “sensularity” [sensory singularity])

STELARC (Performance Artist, Distinguished Research Fellow, School of Design & Art, Curtin University Perth) Viktoria Modesta (Performance artist, bionic woman, MIT Media Lab Fellow), Prof. José Teunissen (Dean, School of Design & Technology, London College of Fashion), Bradley Quinn (Author, academic and weara- ble technology expert), Craig Thompson (Mindspring Sports, Founding Managing Director – UEFA Champi- ons League), Georgia Taglietti (Head of communication Sonar, Barcelona, Director SheSaidSo Barcelona), Atau Tanaka (Professor of Media Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London), Anouk Wipprecht (Fashion Technologist), Dr. Sabine Seymour (Ass Prof Fashionable Technology, Parsons the New School, New York), Nelly Ben Ayoun (Founder and Director, The University of the Underground, Head of Experiences at We Transfer), Galina Mihaleva (Ass Prof. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Dr. Jonas Rubenson (Dept. Sports Science, The Pennsylvania State University), Mika Satomi (Director etextiles summer camp, KOBAKANT), Dr. Oscar Tomico (Assistant Professor, Designing Quality in Interaction, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology), Valérie Lamontagne (Owner & Designer at 3lectromode, Founder & Creative Director at Agence Simultanée)














ERIC DAMAN Costume Designer, fashion model, television personality and author. President of the Jury ASVOFF 9

Waris Ahluwali – Actor and Designer House of Waris

Serge Carreira – Maître de conférences à Sciences Po Paris

Isabel Coixet – Director and Writer

Ivaylo Grancharov – Head of Education at Nu Boyana Film Studios

Marc Happel – Costume Director NYC Ballet

Yoann Lemoine – Director, Singer, Woodkid

Alex Murray Leslie – Curator Wearable Technology Fashion Film Competition

Klaus Stockhausen – Zeit Magazine- Fashion Editor, Stylist Wilson J. Tang –Studio Art Director at Kabam

Robb Young – Strategic Consultant, Brand Development, Fashion & Luxury Goods, Journalist. Global Markets BOF.

Cuba Tornado Scott – Artist and Model


12:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Arabic Street

19:30 – ASVOFF Program Out of Competition, Arabic Street

20:30 – ASVOFF Special Lucy McRae, Arabic Street


21:30 – Opening ceremony of ASVOFF 9, Saint Paul Cathedral

Introduction of the festival

Presentation of the jury

Screening of Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky’s documentary on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s last film

Endless Poetry and a short on Alejandro and the seagulls



12:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

15:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Mark Happel, Studio 4

16:00 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

17:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Eric Daman, Studio 4

18:00 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

19:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Brian Boyce, Studio 4

20:00 – ASVOFF Screening Tim Yip, Studio 4


12:30 – ASVOFF Program Documentaries and Student Films, Studio 4

13:15 – ASVOFF Best Student Film – Nu Boyana Film School, Studio 4

13:30 – ASVOFF Program Student Films, Studio 4

14:30 – ASVOFF Program Conversation with Tim Yip, Studio 4

16:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition Wearable Technology, Studio 4

17:30 – ASVOFF Master Class – Alex Murray Leslie, Studio 4

19:00 – ASVOFF Program Out of Competition Wearable Technology, Studio 4

20:00 – ASVOFF Design Fiction, Future Tech & Human Evolution by Lucy McRae, Studio 4

21:30 – ASVOFF Closing Ceremony, Carussel Club

23:00 – ASVOFF Live performance/ Chicks on Speed/ Closing Party, Carussel Club

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5-11 June 2017

Nu Boyana Film Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria

5 June 2017 (Monday)

17:30 – Official opening of the exposition “VINTAGE“ by Albena Aleksandrova, London street

18:30 – Press Day – Official opening of the Showroom, Studio 3

19:30 – Artistic Installation NUDE (Greece), London Street

20:30 – Individual Show Totally Erected (Bulgaria), London Street

20:45 – Individual Show Errors of Youth (France), London Street

21:00 – Networking Party, London Street

6 June 2017 (TUESDAY)

16:30 – Workshop – Myra Postolache “Management Strategies for Emerging Designers”, Studio 3

18:00 – Fashion Installation M2V (Bulgaria), Castle

18:45 – Artistic Installation 8IGB Community Clothing (France), Saint Paul Cathedral

19:30 – Runways, Saint Paul Cathedral

AVP by Krasimira An (Bulgaria)

DIG Athens (Bulgaria)

Enigma (Bulgaria)

Maria Queen Maria (Bulgaria)

YANN (Bulgaria)

20:30 – Artistic Installation Lilian Edwards (Bulgaria), Saint Paul Cathedral

21:30 – Networking Party, Saint Paul Cathedral

7 June 2017 (Wednesday)

16:30 – Workshop – Jolita Manolova “Visual Merchandising & Styling”, Studio 3

18:30 – Artistic Installation Madame Demode (Croatia), Castle

19:30 – Runways, American Village

AVENEW (Greece)

National Academy of Art (Bulgaria)

New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria)


20:10 – Individual Show LUCY (Bulgaria), American Village

20:30 – Zonta Club of Saint Sofia Installation “Fashion against Violence”, American Village

21:30 – Networking Party BknFW & Zonta friends, American Village

8 June 2017 (THURSDAY)

16:30 – Workshop – Tania Mazzoleni “Fashion Buying”, Studio 3

18:30 – Fashion Installation Ivanka Hristova & Radina’s Flowers (Bulgaria), Cuba

19:30 – Runways, Cuba

BoryanaPetrova (Bulgaria)

Catch Michelle (UK)

Diacheli (Bulgaria)

Penelope Ralli (Greece)

20:30 – Individual Show CK Fashion Studio (Bulgaria), Cuba

21:00 – Networking Party, Cuba

9 June 2017 (Friday)

12:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Arabic Street

18:00 – Fashion Installation Yana Konjagulova (Bulgaria), Saint Paul Cathedral

19:00 – Runways, Saint Paul Cathedral

Athena (Greece)

Banderol (Bulgaria)

Bogomil (Bulgaria)

MP Design by Megi Petkova (Bulgaria)

Provocative & Plik (Bulgaria)

19:30 – ASVOFF Program Out of Competition, Arabic Street

20:00 – Fashion Installation Nefelia (Greece), Saint Paul Cathedral

20:30 – ASVOFF Special Lucy McRae Program, Arabic Street

21:00 – Individual show of Abed Mahfouz (Lebanon), Saint Paul Cathedral

21:30 – Opening ceremony of ASVOFF 9, Saint Paul Cathedral

10 June 2017 (Saturday), Studio 3

12:00 – Workshop – Valeria Orlando, Douglas Bassett & Jolita Manolova

            “Fashion Advertising Campaign”, Studio 3

12:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

15:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Mark Happel, Studio 4

16:00 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

17:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Eric Daman, Studio 4

18:00 – ASVOFF Program Competition, Studio 4

19:00 – ASVOFF Master Class – Brian Boyce, Studio 4

20:00 – ASVOFF Screening Tim Yip, Studio 4

11 June 2017 (Sunday)

12:30 – ASVOFF Program Documentaries and Student Films, Studio 4

13:15 – ASVOFF Best Student Film – Nu Boyana Film School, Studio 4

13:30 – ASVOFF Program Student Films, Studio 4

14:30 – ASVOFF Program Conversation with Tim Yip, Studio 4

16:30 – ASVOFF Program Competition Wearable Technology, Studio 4

17:30 – ASVOFF Master Class – Alex Murray-Lesli, Studio 4

19:00 – ASVOFF Program Out of Competition Wearable Technology, Studio 4

20:00 – ASVOFF Design Fiction, Future Tech & Human Evolution by Lucy McRae, Studio 4

21:30 – ASVOFF Closing Ceremony, Carussel Club

23:00 – ASVOFF Live performance/ Chicks on Speed/ Closing Party, Carussel Club

Mad Mood Milano collaborates with Balkan Fashion Week for the future of new talents

MAD MOOD​ Milano is a dynamic and original format for upcoming fashion designers and talents in the famous Italian capital of fashion and communication, a melting pot of culture and influence, Milan, Italy. The next edition of MAD MOOD Fashion Talent Competition will be held during Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, from 23rd until 25th of September 2017.

MAD MOOD​ is about a specific italian lifestyle which, departing from its roots in Italian tradition, arrives at the discovery and development of innovation. FASHION and FOOD become efficient tools in communicating and promoting the identity of a country and in conveying the message of INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as long term goals for a better future.

This is the challenge for the next edition of Mad Mood​ Milano, during Milan Fashion Week,​ which, through fashion and food, aims to raise awareness in the new generations for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The program will be packed with events to value tradition and tailoring – as heritage and future – increasingly focusing the attention on new young talents, including the designers from Balkan Fashion Week​.

At MAD MOOD Milano, FASHION and FOOD are protagonists: the program includes shows by international emerging designers, tastings of high quality foods and a fashion competition dedicated to young talents.


At the Fashion Talent Show MAD MOOD Milano, that closes the three day program, young designers from International fashion institutes compete, bringing original outfits created with innovative fabrics, inspired by a common theme relevant to the mood of the event. Marianna Miceli, Co-Founder of MAD MOOD Milan, will come at Balkan Fashion Week to choose the best talents which will have the opportunity to participate at the Fashion Talent Competition during Milan Fashion Week in September 2017. Each designer will showcase an outfit inspired by water.


“Water, vital energy” is the inspirational theme for the emerging designers taking part in MAD MOOD FASHION TALENT competition 2017. This theme has been chosen to raise awareness in young designers on the importance of protecting the precious asset of water. The production of fabrics for the fashion sector generates waste: colors and salts used in the process pollutes the water with chemicals. Many textile companies are turning towards a more sustainable production using completely organic components turning the waste into non toxic elements. Consistently with the mood and the message of the event, water represents an alternative and renewable form of energy for a sustainable future with low environmental impact.

The winner of the fashion talent competition will be awarded by a jury of professionals within the sector presided by Cav. Mario Boselli​ (Honorary President of the Chamber of Italian Fashion), and composed of: Beppe Pisani​ (Ambassador of the Textile Fair of Milano Unica), Anna Fendi​, Roberto Portinari ​(Italian Fashion Platform), Antonio Mancinelli​ (Editor in chief, Marie Claire Italia), Pietro Lenna (Director of the Fashion Industry, Lombardy Region), Claudia Origgi​ (Head of Print Research at Roberto Cavalli), Pirazzi Olga​ (Citta Dell’Arte – Pistoletto Foundation), Antonio Franceschini ​(CNA Federmoda Italia).

The MAD MOOD​ fashion talent competition represents a fantastic occasion for young designers of Balkan Fashion Week​ to liberate their creativity.


In the passed edition of MAD MOOD Milano the young designers took their inspiration in Mediterranean food to create original outfits.


Enrico Linassi won the competition presenting a splendid outfit in- spired by black beans and rice using fabrics by Serikos Spa. His creation united the concept of new diet with haute couture. A long dress with buckles in black leather with a pattern of black beans and rice in silk georgette to confer lightness and a sinuous and spacious appearance. An overcoat inspired by the English style completes the outfit. Thanks to Mad Mood Fashion Talent, Enrico Linassi has undertaken an effective collaboration with the company Canepa spa, launching his own line produced and designed by Carlotta Canepa.

The company Canepa Spa of Como was main partner of MAD MOOD Milano 2016: at the workshop of September 25 they presented an innovative proposal with their patent Save the Water.


For the first time ever a fashion film festival will be launched at a movie studio, the Hollywood of the Balkans. Balkan Fashion Week will be held from June 5-11th at Nu Boyana Film Studios.

The ambition of the organizers is to gather artists from around the world in Bulgaria,a country not yet known as a fashion destination. The theme is “Fashion meets cinema” and Nu Boyana Film Studios is the  gracious host and  partner of the event. The event would not have been possible without the support of Nu Boyana Film Studios. Starting June 5 – 11th Nu Boyana will become the  largest “Fashion City” in Eastern Europe.

With the educated eye of international industry professionals designers and film directors will have the opportunity to showcase their work during Balkan Fashion Week.

The aim of the fashion platform is to create and establish lasting conditions for long term collaboration between East and West Europe. Various fashion and art presentations, as well as live music performances, will take place amidst the the scenery of the studio in Nu Boyana Film Studios.

At the special meeting with the media, the organizers of the biggest fashion forum in the Balkans revealed details of their event. The press conference opened with Mr. Yariv Lerner , the CEO of the Nu Boyana Film Studios expressing his excitement in the collaboration that will take place over the next few months at Nu Boyana. Nu Boyana gives their support to the special projects with the Balkan Fashion Week. Among the events taking place will be a film competition by the first annual international fashion film festival, ASVOFF and the grand prize, the Nu Boyana prize, will be 50,000 EUROS in services and 5,000 euros in cash to the winner which will help fund the filming and realization of a short or feature film. Mr. Lerner is an advocate of supporting emerging talent. “This is only a small part of the the surprises that are in store for you and the exciting things that we have prepared.” Said Mr. Lerner.

The international fashion icon, blogger, talent scout and creator of the first annual international fashion film festival, Diane Pernet, was a guest at the conference. For the past nine years ASVOFF has been launched in Paris, first at the Jeu de Paume and then for the past 7 years at Centre Pompidou. This edition marks the first time the festival has been launched outside of Paris and on a film studio. Be prepared for live broadcasts of the event around the globe in locations such as Paris, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Moscow and Bucharest.

“Up until now ASVOFF has screened at many locations around the world but this year we decided to do something completely different and to launch ASVOFF 9 on a film set, Nu Boyana. The film studio is the heart and the soul of cinema so it only makes sense to launch ASVOFF 9 here and thanks to Mr. Lerner and Balkan Fashion Week we have been given that opportunity. We feel like kids in a toy shop in a constant state of wonderment at all the possibilities Nu Boyana studios provides.” Said Diane about the upcoming edition of her prestigious film festival.

In attendance at the press conference were Mira Postolache – International PR of Balkan Fashion Week, Jolita Manolova – Art Director of the Balkan Fashion Week, as well as some of the organizers : Teodora Guergova, Kristina Dimitrova, Maria Koleva, Elena Alexy and Mila Zaharieva.

Balkan International Wine Competition and Festival BIWC will be held days before the opening of the Balkan Fashion Week and their theme this year is the fight against breast cancer. Balkan Fashion week will partner in the campaign against breast cancer, which has a worldwide motto: #winelover against cancer. Its aim is to raise awareness and information about disease prevention. T-shirts with the campaign slogan will be available to purchase during Balkan Fashion Week. The funds raised by the sale of the t-shirts will go towards the purchase of a camper van, which will travel across the country providing research and information to women in Bulgaria.

Backstage with Diane Pernet for #ASVOFF9 at Nu Boyana Film Studios on Steeze Magazine  . Check it out:

“The idea of the festival is to merge the two worlds of fashion and film. Making the edition in a film studio is a fantastic experience, we are like kids in a toy shop here! Expect the unexpected!” – Diane Pernet, founder of the leading fashion film festival #ASVOFF9 presented the upcoming @balkanfashionweek on a press conference at Nu Boyana Film Studios yesterday. Yariv Lerner, CEO of @nuboyana will give the #grandprize at #ASVOFF9 of 50 k euros services at Nu Boyana Film Studios plus 5 k in cash. This year ASVOFF 9 has its international launch in #nuBoyana #sofia during the last 2 days of @balkanfashionweek It is a first for us and what better place to launch a fashion film festival then on the sets of an actual film studio. 

Balkan Fashion Week will host the 9th Edition of ASVOFF Fashion Film Festival by Diane Pernet will take place at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia 

We are delighted to announce that Balkan Fashion Week will take place from 5h until 10th of June 2017 at Nu Boyana, the biggest film studios from Eastern Europe. We are also delighted to have with us the fashion icon, Diane Pernet from Paris, which will feature her 9th edition of ASVOFF ”A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival” during Balkan Fashion Week ad Nu Boyana FIlm Studios in Sofia.  With with an approximate area of 30 hectares. Nu Boyana features 13 sound stages and a replica of central Manhattan, New York City, London, Rome and many others. Nu Boyana Film Studios are owned by one of the longest-running independent film companies in Hollywood, Nu Image and Millennium Films, and over the years they’ve serviced hundreds of feature films, including big-budget movies like Criminal,The Expendables 1, 2 and 3, London Has Fallen, 300: The The Rise Of An EmpireThe Black Dahlia, Killing Season, Conan, The Way Back and Kon-Tiki

Many fashion events will be featured on the Official Calendar of Balkan Fashion Week, including the debut of ASVOFF, project born in Paris and now part of Balkan Fashion Week, for the first time in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Balkan Fashion Week international approach can also be seen trough our collaboration with the fashion icon Diane Pernet

Nu Boyana Film Studios will be the main venue for Balkan Fashion Week’s designers and Roman Studios will be the official location of ASVOFF 9, thanks to our partnership with Nu Boyana’s management administration.  Nu Boyana Film Studio will be transformed in the biggest ‘’Fashion City’’ of Eastern Europe for more than 5 days in June 2017 and will feature fashion shows, static presentation and temporary showroom for our designers prepared for our international press and buyers. All in one amazing space like Nu Boyana Film Studios in collaboration with Balkan Fashion Week. International press like Vogue Italia Magazine, The LA Fashion and FNL Network from Los Angeles, Peplvm Magazine and Le Fashion Post from Paris, international buyers like MAD Zone Store from Milan, Espace Monochrome Showroom and many others will come to Sofia to meet our international creative designers and see what we are really doing there.

Balkan Fashion Week will support the young brands from all over the world and the registrations are open to all creative talents from fashion industry. The Calendar will feature numerous presentations and other events on which you can find constantly updated informations on our Official Website. Until then, please contact us at . 


Maria Koleva
President of Balkan Fashion Week